Reduced Freight and Storage Costs

Saving money on freight charges has never been easier with our unrivaled compressed and vacuumed kits...

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Custom Package

While we do offer many stock options, when you need a custom designed product...

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Quality and Service Excellence

All of our products are temperature tested at accredited independent laboratories in the United States...

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One Point of Contact Worldwide

At TPC we understand how frustrating it can be to coordinate with various individuals...

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Featured Products

  • CompressedKitoffer

    Compressed Coolers

    - Reduced Freight Costs
    - Reduction of Required Storage Space
    - Available in Refrigerated, Frozen, Ambient and Combo Coolers
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  • NHGelPack

    Non-Hydrated Gel Packs

    - Reduced Freight Cost
    - Reduction of Required Storage Space
    - Once hydrated becomes 3.5oz traditional gel pack
    - Can be used as a Cold or Heat Pack
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  • cryobox


    - Safely Store Test Tubes on site
    - Easy Tube Identification Method Printed on Box
    - Custom Printing Available
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