The Team

TPC would not be the company it is today without all its hardworking and dedicated employees. From efficient plant management to attention to detail in the quality assurance department, TPC can continually provide the highest level of service to its customers because of the team we have in place.


Kurt, President & CEO

Kurt received his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management from Missouri State University. Now, with over 30 years in the packaging industry, Kurt is constantly utilizing his vast knowledge to assist customers in designing and implementing the most innovative, yet cost efficient, packages for their products. His knowledge far surpasses many in his field and he is constantly sharing that knowledge with customers to make their pack requirements a reality.

Kurt single handedly started the TPC EU operation 10 years ago and it has since grown to almost match our US operations in terms of sales and production. His expertise in both packaging and business operations allowed him to create a model that continues to provide seamless and unparalleled worldwide customer service.

“Never in a million years did I think that I would be the founder of a multinational packaging company. People often ask what has made us so successful and the driving factor for me, for all these years, is that my name is on the door. That means I have, and will continue to, go the extra mile for my customers’ because for me, customer satisfaction is personal.”

Alexandra, Vice President of Operations

Alexandra has been with Tennant Packaging for over 5 years. Starting part-time after she completed her graduate degree at Boston College, she has since held many roles in the company.  Most recently she was promoted to the role of Vice President of Operations. Alex is constantly introducing new initiatives to increase production, support growth, and improve quality outcomes.

Alex takes pride in making sure the operational side of TPC runs smoothly and often says that in her part of the company, its her goal to never hear from the customer because if she does, that means she’s not doing her job well. Despite this, she does love to work collaboratively with customers to ensure that each customer’s service, product, and inventory needs are met. Alex does her best to make sure that, operationally, TPC runs so efficiently that it allows our company to support our customers in their own growth without concern of inventory or product management.

Matt, Vice President of Sales

Following his graduation from Boston College and his career in the NFL, Matt worked for several fortune 100 & 500 companies focusing on sales growth, forecasting, and product development before stepping into the role of Vice President of Sales at TPC.

After receiving his MBA from Xavier University in May of 2018 with a focus in international business, Matt has been tirelessly utilizing what he has learned through his experiences and schooling to continue to expand and develop the TPC customer base and various new product offerings.

In addition to the growth through new clients and projects, Matt has most recently spearheaded the relaunch of the TPC APAC offices. By relocating the TPC APAC offices to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Matt provided our company with additional abilities to create a competitive edge for our customers in a region experiencing rapid growth.

Furthermore, Matt is always innovating and working on new products and services to add to TPC’s global offerings which includes reusable qualified shippers, clinical manufacturing operations, and packaging certification.

Employee Highlight

BJ Frame, US Plant Manager
BJ has been with TPC for over 10 years, starting in production and working his way up to US Plant Manager. He is responsible for overseeing all in house work teams and warehouse employees. Chances are if you’re working with TPC, you’ll talk to BJ at some point. He takes pride in knowing every product we offer, inside and out, often jumping in to help out different teams, just so he knows what every job at our company requires.

BJ has been an instrumental force in creating job opportunities at TPC for local individuals with disabilities. He has helped our company give back to the community by transitioning our work force from primarily utilizing sheltered workshops to creating community jobs for individuals. This is the end goal of any social enterprise and BJ has created a work environment that supports this goal, providing fulfilling community jobs for many individuals.

You will not find a catalogue of products at TPC. Every product is custom designed to meet each customer’s specific needs. Let us create packaging solutions that are as unique as your company.

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