Custom Product

There is no catalogue of products at TPC. While we offer a few basic “stock” shippers, we specialize in modifying these options to create unique products for each of our customers. No customer has the exact requirements so why would they require the exact same shippers?

When you need a custom designed product, Tennant Packaging can work with you to create a packaging solution that meets your specific needs. From custom printing to innovative design, TPC can provide you with the customization you require. No project is too small or too large—we will design a product that works for you regardless of project size.

Small Business. Large Infrastructure.

To help customers reduce costs, TPC is constantly innovating. Certified as a small business by the SBA, TPC has the resources to serve global customers with extensive product offerings comparable to, and exceeding that of, large organizations while providing the customer service and attention to detail of a small company. By placing an emphasis on quality and service, TPC has been able to provide its customers with a superior product while pioneering various packaging designs.

REAL WORLD APPLICATION: Our volume compressed shippers allow your company to significantly reduce freight and storage costs to and at sites. Reduced dimensional weight=Reduced freight costs. Ship 4 shippers in the about the same dimensional size as 1 standard shipper. Developed by our team, let us customize these shippers to best fit your application.

You will not find a catalogue of products at TPC. Every product is custom designed to meet each customer’s specific needs. Let us create packaging solutions that are as unique as your company.

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