Recycled Packaging

Recycled Packaging: Environmentally Aware. Cost Efficient.
At TPC, we have a strong commitment to environmental awareness. Our new location in Fairfield, OH, for example, recently underwent a complete energy profile overhaul. Low energy usage lighting with motion sensors were installed throughout the building, decreasing our energy usage by almost half.

For our customers, our commitment to environmental awareness extends to our products as well. We recently introduced our Recycled Packaging initiative, offering the option of recycling and repackaging your previously purchased product in an effort to save cost and reduce waste. These recycled kits are brought into our facility for careful quality control inspections to ensure that even though you are using a recycled package, your end product is of the same quality as a new kit. This optional system not only helps both your company, and ours, care for our environment, but it helps reduce your end cost.

For more information on our Recycled Packaging initiative and what it means to you, contact a team member today!