High Performance Shipper

High Performance Shipper

Through the use of spray foam technology, TPC can engineer a custom sized, high insulation factor (R-value) shipper for use in specialty applications.


Ship specimens, pharmaceutical drugs, or any specialty product with extended shipping time or in extreme conditions. The TPC High Performance Shippers have an R-value higher than standard EPS which means all contents will adhere to your temperature protocols regardless of external temperature extremes or lengthy transit times.
Can’t find and EPS shipper in your required size? Our shippers can be manufactured in custom sizes so that they can exactly meet your needs.
Do you utilize a closed loop shipping system? The TPC High Performance Shippers can be produced within plastic corrugated to create a reusable shipping container.

Temperature Tested and Certified at an Independent ISTA Laboratory
All stock TPC High Performance Specialty Insulated Shippers have been tested and certified at an independent US lab to ensure that they will meet the designated temperature protocols. If a shipper is custom designed for your use, know that it too will be tested and certified to meet your shipping temperature protocols.

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