Gel Packs

TPC HydroGel Packs

TPC is proud to introduce the newest addition to our stock product offerings, the TPC HydroGel Packs. The HydroGel Packs are gel packs that are shipped to customers in a flat, non-hydrated form. Upon arrival, the customer simply places the pack in water for just 5 minutes and it will swell to become a standard gel pack.

Significant freight savings have been realized using the TPC HydroGel Packs due to decrease in both shipper weight and size. Contact a sales representative today to receive a sample.
Standard Gel Packs

TPC offers a variety of standard gel pack weights in addition to our innovative saddlebag style gel pack. The saddlebag style allows you to completely enclose your samples/product in order to further protect them from temperature fluctuations during shipment.
Additionally, our unique saddlebag style is produced with a special film, allowing it to be used in not only a frozen state but, in an ambient state as well.