Community Initiatives

Bettering our communities through local partnerships.

In the United States “the unemployment rate among adults with disabilities is nearly 12 times the national average” ( Through our partnership with the Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Production Services Unlimited, and Easter Seals Disability Services in the United States and Borgerstein in the EU, we provide jobs for individuals with disabilities, offering them the opportunity to work in their local communities.

Vice President, Alexandra Tennant, and Cincinnati Plant Manager, BJ Frame, receiving an Outstanding Employer Award at this year’s Employer Appreciation Day at Production Services Unlimited, Inc.

I was excited to have the opportunity to work with these organizations to provide job training for individuals with disabilities. I see the partnership as a way to provide adults with disabilities with the various skills they will need to contribute to their local job markets as well as a way for them to grow in self-confidence.
Kurt Tennant
Kurt Tennant